I desperately wanted to use different words for Advent this year. I wanted to move beyond hope, peace, joy and love. I wanted stronger words, action words. I wanted greater themes and more production. I wanted to move beyond these basics thoughts….

And after reading, praying and “googling”, I am embracing an Advent whose arms are filled with hope, peace, joy and love. We had this extra time this week and I should have gotten a head start on Christmas. Instead, I lingered a little longer in the Thanksgiving mode and I have been very blessed. God’s spirit is still reviving and renewing energy in people like you and me.

We need to be ready to be hope for a needy world. We must offer peace to those stuck in brokenness. We must choose joy, even in the midst of discontentment and failure. We must share love like we have an unlimited supply tucked in the corners of our hearts.

I am reminded that we each need to find a balance in our lives that works for us. My balance may be different than your balance. And that is OK.. May each of these days leading up to Advent and during the season, stir up in your lives a new time to experience the growing light of Christ in our world. We are in this season together! I am grateful for this journey.