Ministers of the Church: All the People of Salem.  “Don’t just go to church; BE the CHURCH.”

Supporting these ministers:

Rev. Dr.  Joong “Jay” Koe, Pastor

Joong “Jay” Koe was born in South Korea and lived there until 1985. He received a Master of Arts degree in Theology from Seoul Theological Seminary and served the South Korean Army as chaplain.  He moved to California to study at Fuller Theological Seminary (1985-1992) and earned an MA degree in Missiology and a Doctorate in Missiology.  From 1992 to 1999, Jay taught at several seminaries in South Korea.  Since 2000, he has served the Lord in the United Methodist Church.

Jay and his wife Young “Helen” Koe have two adult sons.  He loves preaching and teaching, and enjoys traveling, hiking and playing golf.

Vickie Kaminski, Children’s Worship