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Advent 2018 Blog

I desperately wanted to use different words for Advent this year. I wanted to move beyond hope, peace, joy and love. I wanted stronger words, action words. I wanted greater themes and more production. I wanted to move beyond these basics thoughts….

And after reading, praying and “googling”, I am embracing an Advent whose arms are […]

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Bleak Mid Winter

I love the Christmas Carol entitled, In the Bleak Midwinter!
But the dreary days of the bleak midwinter are my least favorite days of the year. I find myself saying… “if only it would really snow.”    I do love the beauty of a winter wonderland. So it is January and I am praying to get […]

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Thanksgiving again!

I have admitted it many time… I love Thanksgiving.  It is not that turkey is even close to my favorite food.  But I do love the smell!  I love all the smells of the traditional meal.  And in my 60 short years of life, I have had the opportunity to experience Thanksgiving in a number of […]

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